Published by : Yogesh Kondaskar

IBM Business Process Manager: Best of both tools
Posted On: April 15, 2011

IBM BPM, will be a combination of the WebSphere Lombardi Edition and WebSphere Process Server (WPS), and seems to be thoughtfully designed combining best of both the tools. IBM BPM takes the Process Center of WLE driving both the human workflow centric Process Designer (same as WLE Authoring Environment) and the Integration Designer (or WPS). On the backend, IBM BPM takes the Depolyment Manager from WPS giving WLE which is very powerful and user-friendly compared to the currect WLE deployment process.

New LinkedIn Group – IBM Lombardi BPM Users Group
Posted On: October 20, 2010

I have created a new LinkedIn Group for Lombardi BPM Users. Its called “IBM Lombardi BPM Users Group”.

IBM WebSphere Lombardi BPM Certification
Posted On: October 20, 2010

Finally, there is something to cheer for the Lombardi Teamworks user community. IBM has made the WebSphere Lombardi Edition (formerly Lombardi TeamWorks) certification available as part of the IBM Professional Certification Program. Also, Lombardi training is no longer a pre-requisite for the certification.

Why BPM?
Posted On: April 4, 2010

Business Process Management (BPM) is a technology that is emerged to the top in the last few years. The reason is very obvious, we are living in a dynamic world where the market place around us is changing at a very rapid pace. BPM provides the platform to develop agile processes utilizing the services provided by existing applications.