Year: 2014

How to Cope with Resistance to BPM Projects
Posted On: October 9, 2014

I still remember we were doing this Windows NT platform migration (from Windows 3.1) project for a financial company in San Francisco. As a part of the migrating some call center/CRM applications were being rewritten from Desktop app to web app. This was an IT lead initiative and understandably there was some resistance from the users,

Apple Watch is a shot in the arm for IoT
Posted On: September 18, 2014

Last week Apple announced the Apple Watch which will go on sale early 2015. Apple Watch is the newest addition in the wearables space and will come with a number of built-in sensors such as accelerometer, a heart rate Monitor, a gyroscope and an NFC chip. Plus the Apple Watch will have access to other

What is a Lean BPM Implementation?
Posted On: August 28, 2014

We have referred to Lean BPM Implementation and how we have used this methodology to implement optimized BPM applications for our clients and offer competitive pricing compared to most low cost outsourcing vendors. Here I am going to discuss more about what exactly is Lean BPM Implementation. Lean and Business Process Management are 2 distinct methodologies